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Handmade Elder Futhark Rune Stones - Midnight Blue with Gold Inscription

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Rune Stones are one of the mystical worlds true mysteries. 

Nobody can be truly sure exactly where they came from and when. 

There are many theories on the subject but it is believed by some that they were first used any time from 2000BC to 100AD by tribes such as The Goths and other Germanic Tribes

They consist of a runic alphabet of 24 letters, usually made out of wood or stone that were used as a method of fortune-telling and protection sigils. The first completion of the total alphabet was the Elder Futhark runes in the 5th century AD, that are most often used still today.

Vikings thought of runes not merely as letters but as having potent virtues within themselves of a metaphysical or even magical nature.

These sets are handmade and carved in clay with love and blessings, painted in acrylic and sealed.

They will include an information sheet and will be in a pouch to keep them safe and protected.

They will be handmade to order so please allow 14 working days