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Herbal Care - Joint Support

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Certified Organic Joint Support Salve

Use for painful, stiff and inflamed joints.

Herbal Care
Kuumba Made formulate all of the salves in the herbal care range to be safe, gentle and effective enough for children.

Sizes Available 
Available in: 1/3 oz (9.45g), 1 oz (28.3g), or 4 oz (113.39g)

Manufacturing Process
These are hand-made in small batches; the herbal care range has between 90-98% certified organic and wild harvested ingredients.

Ingredients Used (98% Organic)
Organic Olive Oil infused with Wild Harvested Chaparral, Wild Harvested St. John's Wort and Wild Harvested Arnica, Organic Beeswax, Essential Oils of Wild Harvested Bay, Organic Ginger, Organic Eucalyptus, Wild Harvested Cinnamon Bark, and Organic Lavender.

Shelf Life & Expiry Information
Kuumba Made Herbal First Aid Salves include a batch number and vary in expiry, the Joint Support Salve has a 4 year shelf life.