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Lucid Dream Sleep Spell Bag

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A beautiful blend of mixed herbs and essential oils to help you drift off to sleep and to help recollect your dreams.

Just place under your pillow before sleep, when fragrance eventually begins to fade, just crush the contents a little to release the fragrance. 

These spell bags are also known to induce lucid dreaming and divinatory dreams by using mugwort in the blend, mugwort is known to be a powerful dream herb, with lavender, chamomile plus Clary Sage essential oil to induce sleep and hops to calm anxiety and reduce insomnia you will be on your way to deep sleep and dreamland, you can even decide what happens next in your dream! This does come with practice and it isn't for everybody. All blends will be made by me with love and intention, also moon charged. 

*Disclaimer Mugwort*

DO NOT use this product if pregnant. It is also a known allergen so could cause side effects.