Sorceress Palette

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Bewitch your onlookers with the magic of the sorceress palette. A mixture of smokey cool tones, with pops of purples, plums & greens. This 28 shade palette has mysterious matters, poppin' shimmers, enchanting pressed glitters & some magical colour changing shades. Delve into the most mystical of realms when you reach for the sorceress Palette and unleash your inner power.

Shades: Snow Moon, Conjure, Witching Hour, Tarot, Spellbound, Bewitching, Hex, Solstice, Equinox, Nancy, Chalice, Dreamcatcher, Transform, Shapeshifter, Clairvoyance, Healer, Sorceress, Hocus Pocus, Crystal Ball, Spirit, Hallows' Eve, Powerful, Poppet, Love Potion, Enchantress, Lunar Eclipse, Sabbath.