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Spell Jar ~ Protection

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This spell Jar has been created to bring protection.

The spell cast will be specifically for you with your name, or families names, whoever you wish it for.

It will be packed with herbs, petals, leavess and gems chips, all chosen to help protect you and banish negative energies bringing you peace.

I work intuitively so each bottle is unique, so can be small variations to contents and appearance.

Once complete I seal with a black candle then bless and charge each one with love and intent.

Please don't open the Spell Jar, the majick is tucked inside, carry around with you or place somewhere in your home. 

*please keep out of reach of children and pets, also take care if carrying around in your pocket or purse. The glass vial must be protected. 

*the vial is 55mm, glass with cork stopper and charm

Ingredients vary


Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Mint, Cardamom pods, Cinammon,  and more of what I feel applies to you 

Blessed Be