Sphynx - Snap Bar Wax Melts

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Enjoy the beautiful luxury fragrance of Black Opium Or Tobacco Vanille with Dried Rose Petals.

Tobacco Vanille - An indulgent spicy Oriental fragrance where coriander and cool lime rest upon a heart of dried fruits, warm cinnamon and sliced ginger alongside tobacco blossom enwrapped by a base of crystal amber, vanilla pods, nutmeg, tonka and musk. Similar in style and identity to this famous designer aftershave 


 Hand poured with the very best Vegan soy Wax and Cruelty Paraben free Fragrances.

All ingredients sourced in the United Kingdom. Each small cube will have Upto 4 burns per melt until the scent has spent (depending upon how long you burn them for. each time!)